I help empathic mamas find ‘Serenity Amidst the Chaos’, so they can recharge and gather the energy and patience they need to stop yelling and enjoy their relationship with their Spirited Child. 

Hey there! I’m Cynthia, the Serenity Warrior Mama. If you’re a empathic mama with a Spirited Child, I want to help you find the joy you crave. I’ve got two very spirited boys whom have ADHD. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and anger most of my life, and the intense behavior of my boys often brought out the worst in me.

Have you struggled with any of this?

Perhaps you’re still struggling with these things.

I totally get it…

I learned to balance my body, mind, and spirit, through NUTRITIONAL CHANGESMINDSET TRAINING, and DAILY MEDITATION. And, I was also able to alleviate much of my boys’ ADHD symptoms teaching them the same methods.

Now, I feel like a great mama again and can give my boys the support they need. The weekly trips to the principal’s office are now only quarterly – decreasing these have been such a huge part of creating serenity in our family.

Other key pieces include eating foods that provide an abundance of energy, training my mind to remain calm, and learning to trust my intuition. After years of struggle, my family finally feels joyful again.

Your child is growing up so fast – why waste another minute struggling on your own…

I can help you shorten the learning curve using the tools and methods I teach in my 8-week Serenity Warrior Mama Training.

I help mamas to:

💙 Heal Their Bodies
💙 Train Their Minds
💙 Feel Their Spirits

I’d like to offer you a free session to discuss your specific situation and needs. Click the button below to choose a time that works with your schedule.

I’m so grateful we’ve crossed paths! Remember, you’ve got everything you need within you to be a great mama right now! 💙